The $29,000 reason to improve your EQ

It's a fact: people with higher EQ earn an average of USD $29,000 more per year (source).

So, after just 5 years of work, this is $145,000. Would you like to have $145,000 more in your pocket after 5 years? I certainly would!

OK so what is EQ? Emotional quotient is a metric of emotional intelligence. The simplest definition I have seen of emotional intelligence is the identification and management of emotions and of relationships. So, there are two sides:

  • Being able to recognize and control your emotions.
  • Being able to recognize others' feelings and manage relationships with others.

Unfortunately, these are not things, along with non-verbal communication and social skills, are not what you learn in the traditional classroom or textbook.

And yet these skills highly influence your earning power throughout your entire career.

This is why my training focuses so much on EQ. Because you can learn technical skills and get academic knowledge elsewhere, but emotional intelligence in the Western workplace is an area where so many employers and recruiters have told me international students either struggle with.

With the current political climate, the job market for international students is becoming even more competitive these days.

I want to turn your EQ into an advantage, not a disadvantage.

Good news: unlike IQ (which is more or less genetic), EQ is like a muscle that you CAN train.

You can learn it. You can master it. And you can turn it into a big competitive advantage and income booster for yourself.

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