Have you considered WHY interviews exist? This is why.

People say you shouldn't just do things just to go through the motions. Take time to consider why people do certain things. What is the end goal?

To understand why interviews are important to Western companies, let's look at why they exist.

By the time of the interview, a recruiter will have gone through many, many resumes/CVs.

--> The recruiter will then give the hiring manager a short list of top candidates. 

--> From this list, the hiring manger will choose only a few to interview with. Based on the resume/CV, they already know that these candidates are ones with the best qualifications and experience.

So why interview?

Because there are still questions on the interviewer's mind! 

Here are top questions on a hiring manager's mind when they schedule an interview:

1. Will I personally like this person?

2. Does this person fit in my company's culture?

3. How well does this person communicate?

4. Is this person emotionally intelligent?

5. How much does this person want this job?

These are things that cannot be seen on any application form or resume/CV. They can only get the answers to these questions through an interview.

But here's the strange thing: These are totally different questions from the actual questions that the hiring manager actually asks a student at an interview.

To be successful in getting an offer from your dream internship or job, you must know how to answer put these 5 concerns to rest in the interviewer's mind ... while answering other questions.

This type of preparation is different from simply practicing answers to common interview questions!

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