What is a Power Session?

Get personal coaching from Jolly

Get personal coaching from Jolly

One thing I've learned: being good at career stuff is a skill, not a talent. Second thing: no one got to be the best at football by reading about it in articles and blogs. They all had to practice, and they were all trained by real people who know what works (and what doesn't). Standing out and getting your dream job is no different!

get Personal feedback

I created 1-on-1 Power Sessions for people who want to get live, personal feedback directly from me. Based on their unique situation. Think of me as your personal trainer...but instead of building your muscle power, we're building your earning power!

quicker results

My style: to-the-point, practical and human-centered.

I don't like to waste your or my time, and I love sharing shortcuts...especially those others don't know about!

And, I'll probably answer questions you haven't thought to ask. Most people are surprised when they get this light-bulb moment and can say, “I never thought of that” because it takes a person who's been-there-done-that to provide that. We will focus only on what you need to do. It's a faster, more direct way to getting results.

What we can cover

It's actually up to you how you want to use your Power Session. Here are just EXAMPLES:

  • Mock interview with me, including a personal feedback session (this is the #1 reason people contact me)

  • Prepare for specific, tricky interview questions

  • Write, edit or review your resume/LinkedIn/cover letter to significantly boost your chances of standing out

  • Guidance on how to stand out on your own personal situation, challenges and job interests

  • Work on non-verbal communication for interviewing or for excelling at work

  • Get an advantage with special cultural training for the Western workplace (for international candidates)

  • Prepare for salary negotiation. Get the max you can earn. Avoid those traps and tricky situations. (It never hurts to ask, but it PAYS to ask the right way.)

  • Just pure Q&A with me to finally get the biggest job-related questions you've been wondering about...ANSWERED!

How a Power Session works

1. Get a FREE, quick consultation. Click "start here" below and we'll work out if a Power Session is right for you, what we will cover and how long it should be.

2. Book your Power Session. You'll receive the most high-value 1-on-1 coaching you can get at an irresistable rate...especially compared to the amount you'll learn (and earn in the future). Power Sessions are USD $220 (300 AUD) per hour or USD $150 (AUD 200) for 30 min.

3. Attend your Power Session! I'm available on Skype, WhatsApp, WeChat, Google Hangout and on the phone.

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